Explore by Pavement Criteria

This tool is designed to explore cost-effective solutions to pavement at varying levels of distress. Input your pavement criteria for potential solutions relevant to you.

Though these tools use distress to identify potential treatment solutions, the savviest pavement managers are stretching budgets further by preventatively addressing deterioration before it starts. Link treatments together to make pavement last 40 years or more, or consider using innovative recycling methods to cost-effectively reengineer your pavement cross-section to meet increased load or traffic requirements and increase strength and longevity.

Pavement Condition
Primary Distress
Road Type
Surface Type
Fog Seal
Rejuvenating Fog Seal
Slurry Seal
Micro Surfacing
Cape Seal
Ultra Thin Lift HMA
Chip Seal
Crack Seal
Scrub Seal
Tack Coat
Prime Coat
Cold Planing & Micro Milling
Hot In-Place Recycling
Cold In-Place Recycling
Cold Central Plant Recycling
Full Depth Reclamation
Base Stabilization
Soil Stabilization & Soil Modification