A Better Way Forward

No matter the size of the road network, road agencies turn to their consulting engineers to elevate quality, improve driver safety and extend the service life of their roads.

Consider the impact when a consulting engineer brings large-scale road network solutions to bear for their clients. By suggesting right-timed pavement preservation and recycling treatments, you’re optimizing budgets, improving communities, and gaining ground on failing road networks.

  • Solve Big Problems for Clients

    • Instead of simply repairing one road at a time, preservation and recycling treatments make better use of resources, allowing client budgets to cover more ground. This added benefit can slow or reverse your client’s greatest challenge: Combating deterioration with limited budgets.

  • Position as a Leader in Network Improvement

    • You already serve as a resource for your clients. But, in many cases, agencies may not be aware that there’s a better way to manage assets. By differentiating as a leader in network improvement, you’re able to deliver better results for your lasting relationships, and attract new prospects.

  • Get Ahead Of the Industry Curve

    • More consulting engineers are embracing pavement preservation and asphalt recycling to create greater impact. As the industry trend gains traction, continue serving as a primary resource to your clients by bringing a robust toolbox of treatments and solutions to their networks.

Every road condition is unique so knowing the right treatment for a specific pavement condition can seem overwhelming. The Road Treatment Decision Matrix is a combined effort from experts across the industry created to help guide the decision making process.

PPRA - Road Treatment Decision Matrix
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PPRA offers the opportunity to expand your recommendation options, no matter what type of network or budget you may encounter. Get involved and learn more with the materials below.

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Solve client problems and advocate for optimized planning with calculator tools that evaluate the impact of annual planning and prioritize projects using real life data. Learn More

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Are you using all the tools in the toolbox? From site selection to quality control, this resource will make sure you’re ahead of the industry curve in recommending the right road fixes. Learn More

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Learn how high-performing road managers across the country are fixing roads for less and getting better results for their communities. Arm yourself with these network success stories as you deliver results for your own clients. Learn More

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PPRA and roadresource.org are brought to you by separate membership organizations. Both the International Slurry Surfacing Association (ISSA) and The Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association (ARRA) offer discounted memberships to consulting engineers. Joining both organizations will equip consulting engineers with tools and expertise on treatments from the top of the pavement deterioration curve to the bottom, creating a full-service set of resources.

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The Pavement Preservation and Recycling Alliance provides a collective space to bring industry and agency together for the advancement of sustainable, eco-efficient, and innovative pavement applications. Learn More