Pavement preservation methods are powerful tools in extending the life of roadway networks. Additionally, utilizing these methods makes the most effective use of taxpayer dollars. Techniques ISSA specializes in include slurry and micro surfacing, chip sealing, cape sealing, scrub sealing, and crack sealing.

ISSA is a network of members dedicated to making the pavement preservation industry stronger. They offer valuable education and training focused on incorporating the latest innovations and newest technologies.

Additionally, ISSA provides national influence to communicate with local agencies and support the advancement of pavement preservation.

Some of ISSA's contributions to the asphalt surfacing industry include:

  • Providing the premier training workshop available in the pavement preservation industry
  • Developing specifications that when followed will consistently result in durable, long-lasting treatments
  • Providing a resource for technical questions and answers
  • Advancing the growth and success of pavement preservation techniques

Through our work, we help agencies find the most economical, efficient, and life-extending methods to optimize their pavement management programs.

Learn More About ISSA

Learn more about ISSA's work and the resources they provide through their website. If you're interested in becoming a member, visit their member page to learn how.