Benefits of Emulsions

From new construction, through pavement preservation, to asphalt recycling and reclamation, asphalt emulsions are critical to maximizing pavement life for the lowest life cycle cost.

  • Lower Costs

    • Save up to ten times the cost with emulsion-based preservation and recycling treatments

    • Optimize the life cycle cost of pavement through extending pavement life in the most cost-effective way possible

  • Customized Performance

    • Enhance pavement’s physical properties with modifiers that deliver increased flexibility, strength, rejuvenate aged pavement, improve moisture resistance, adhesion, cohesion, durability, or chip retention

    • Improve compatibility with available materials and conditions, with emulsions engineered for specific, wet, or dusty aggregates, and especially hot or cold climates

    • Versatility in construction – emulsion mixtures can be made at a central plant or on-site. They can be mixed during construction, trucked to the job-site, or stockpiled for later use.

    • Optimize for the job – emulsions can be modified to optimize storage, curing, mixing, traffic return, and strength.

  • Increased Safety

    • Cooler temperatures and non-flammable materials improve worker safety

    • Faster construction times minimize worker exposure and consumer delays

  • Environmental Benefits

    • Reduce or eliminate petroleum solvents, hydrocarbon emissions

    • Reduce excessive heating, greenhouse gas emissions, and fumes – (ideal for non-attainment areas)

    • Maximize re-use of existing materials

    • Minimize unnecessary trucking, hauling, and transport through in-situ processes

Asphalt Emulsion Illustration: Water + Emulsifying Agent + Asphalt

What is an Asphalt Emulsion?

Performance Powered by Science

After more than 100 years of performance testing and expert engineering, asphalt emulsions have become the most environmentally sound, energy efficient, and cost-effective products used in the pavement maintenance and construction industry.

An asphalt emulsion is a chemically engineered formula designed to achieve specific performance benefits. These emulsions make asphalt cement usable without excessive heating or petroleum dilution and are commonly comprised of three elements: asphalt , water , and an emulsifying agent (also known as a surfactant).

How is an Emulsion Made?

Designed for Precision & Performance

Wondering about those complex names?

Emulsions are identified by specific letters and numbers relating to performance and behavior.

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