Recognizing Network Heroes

Driving across North America, you'll find cities, counties, states and municipalities full of hard working people, fighting for the health of their road networks. It's time they get the recognition they deserve.

New in 2024, The Pavement Preservation and Recycling Alliance (PPRA) is launching two awards to recognize individuals working to reverse deterioration trends to improve their road networks. Any individual can be nominated through the sponsorship of an AEMA, ARRA, or ISSA member company.

Nominations are Open for the 2024 Awards

Award winners will be recognized publicly at the AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA annual meeting in February 2025. In addition to complimentary registration for the event, award winners will be featured in a success story listed on, social media posts, email newsletters, and a video interview outlining the winner's successes. Nominations will close on July 31.

  • Network Hero Award

    This category acknowledges an individual whose work has contributed to the significant improvement of a community's road network and pavement assets. Award winners can demonstrate the ways in which their planning and decision-making has positively influenced the overall condition of the network over time.

  • Horizon Award

    The Horizon Award acknowledges an individual whose work demonstrates the qualities of a successful network improvement plan. These award winners can demonstrate decision-making where the health of the overall network is central to planning processes. Many of these awardees are just beginning to reverse long-stayed trends of deterioration across their networks by introducing new treatments to their toolbox.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submitters must include a high-level summary in paragraph form and attach relevant documentation with their submission.
  • All nominations must be sponsored by a member of AEMA, ARRA, and/or ISSA. Sponsorship, in this case, simply means that a member company has agreed to have their name included on the nomination submission. It does not require any cost to the sponsoring company, nor does it require the member company to act as submitters. Member companies may sponsor or submit multiple nomination submissions.
  • Acceptable documents: Word documents, PowerPoints, JPEG and PNG images, PDFs and Excel documents.
  • Submit your application and supporting documents to and with the subject line "2024 [Network Hero or Horizon] Award Nomination".

Prior to submitting, please review the scoring criteria in the submission form for this award.

Questions? Email for more information.

Member Sponsorship

Any individual may be nominated (or nominate themselves) with the sponsorship of an AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA member company. Sponsorship, in this case, simply means that a member company has included their name on the nomination submission, and is familiar with the information in the submission. Member companies may sponsor or submit multiple nomination submissions.


Find a Member of AEMA, ARRA, or ISSA.

Scoring Process

Submissions will be scored anonymously by a committee of PPRA volunteers. Reviewers will follow a specialized rubric for each award category defined in the submission packet.