A How-To Guide

Make Your Resources Go the Distance

Roadway Owners face increasing pressure to manage deteriorating networks with insufficient resources. Proactive managers are using smart strategies to stretch their resources further. Here you’ll find tools and concepts that agencies around the world are using to get the biggest bang for their buck.

A Simple Approach to Network Optimization

A robust pavement management system with data customized to your unique network will help you make the smartest choices for short and long-term impact. However, if your agency isn’t ready for that step, here is a simplified framework for optimizing taxpayer dollars and maximizing pavement life.

Step 01 Assess Pavement Condition – Where am I today?

To make meaningful progress, we have to know our starting point. This can be done by surveying a percentage of your roads each year or by doing the entire network at once. It can be a simple windshield assessment with a spreadsheet tracker, a mobile unit that automates measurement, or by an outsourced consulting firm.

  • Good: Identify the condition of roads that need treatment
  • Better: Sample 1/3 of your network each year, completing a full network assessment every 3 years
  • Best: Measure the average condition of your entire network to allow you to facilitate better forecasting and measure network progress

Step 02 Optimize Your Treatment Plan – How can I get the biggest bang for my Buck?

Numerous methods can help you identify an optimal treatment plan - some common methods are below. It’s important to understand key concepts and identify a method that works for your network, for the long-term.

Step 03 Measure Progress - Did my treatment plan get me where I wanted to go? How can I alter it for greater improvement?

  • Good: How did my treatments perform against expectations?
  • Better: What should I try next year for greater gains?
  • Best: How did my approach improve the condition of my network over the long-term?